Coke Breeze

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Caring for the Environment

By cleaning up and restoring the land back to approximate original contour (AOC) or landscape, Robindale Energy has helped to reduce the amount of acid mine drainage, thereby cleaning up hundreds of miles of streams and channels. In areas where the land has been restored for a while, streams have become alive again and able to support plant and
fish life.

Coke breeze, a byproduct of the manufacturing of blast furnace coke, is used in the creation of iron ore pellets and injection carbon. Also known as "small coke," coke breeze is one quarter inch by zero inches in size.

Robindale Energy’s material handling processes enable for a consistent quality product. With customer satisfaction a top priority, Robindale Energy is focused on the customer and their requirements.   

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies is a global supplier of coal and coke products and is able to supply to both domestic and international customers. For more information regarding our products, please contact Powers Coal & Coke at 216-264-4804.