Community and Economic Impact

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies | Community and Economic Impact

Caring for the Environment

By cleaning up and restoring the land back to approximate original contour (AOC) or landscape, Robindale Energy has helped to reduce the amount of acid mine drainage, thereby cleaning up hundreds of miles of streams and channels. In areas where the land has been restored for a while, streams have become alive again and able to support plant and
fish life.

Giving Back to the Community

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies is a major Pennsylvania-based employer, providing good-paying jobs for more than 500 employees and contractors. The company annually contributes in excess of $100 million in economic impact to the state’s economy. Its work in restoring abandoned waste coal sites and cleaning up waterways is priceless to the environment and has saved taxpayers millions of dollars in clean up efforts that would have otherwise had to be paid for with tax dollars. Waste coal reclaimed by Robindale Energy & Associated Companies helps fuel three Pennsylvania-based generating plants, with hundreds more employees working at those plants.

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies is a major supporter of charitable activities in the community it serves and annually contributes to worthwhile endeavors and activities. Contributions from Robindale Energy & Associated Companies have helped fund park improvements and clean-ups. Over the past decade, Robindale Energy & Associated Companies has donated to local charities and provided matching funds to meet goals set by the company’s leadership.