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LCT Energy has one low volatile metallurgical deep mine operating with additional mines coming online, such as the Cass #1 and Maple Springs mines. The Cass #1 mine will begin producing high quality low volatile metallurgical coal by September 2013 and the Maple Springs mine is scheduled to begin production in late 2014.

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies | LCT Energy, LP

About LCT Energy, LP

Formed in December 2009, LCT Energy, LP is a deep mine company headquartered in Johnstown, PA that currently controls 150 million tons of metallurgical coal reserves.

LCT Energy currently controls over 30,000 acres of low and medium volatile metallurgical coal throughout Central Pennsylvania. The company is a major employer in the region. Over the next few years, LCT Energy has planned additional, major capital expenditures. The company will continue to be a world-class mining company with zero accidents.

With a focus on acquiring coking coal reserves in Western PA, LCT Energy continues expansion efforts. LCT is continually proving and permitting the reserve base, primarily in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The majority are low volatile and medium volatile coking coal reserves with strong coking characteristics.

Brubaker currently mines 300,000 clean tons per year, with estimated production levels at 1 million clean tons per year of low volatile metallurgical coal by 2016.

Robindale Coal Sales is an exclusive sales agent for LCT Energy, LP met coals.

LCT Brubaker Low-Vol

Ash: 6.00%

Sulfur: 0.85%

Volatile Matter: 18-20%

Reflectance: 1.65

Fluidity (ddpm): 100

FSI: 8.5-9.0

CSR: 67%




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