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Lehigh Anthracite, LP has the capacity to produce 500,000 tons of low-sulfur, ultra-low volatile, high fixed carbon premium anthracite per year from vast reserves that are strategically located. Lehigh Anthracite, LP can stage 53 railroad cars at once and load 103 cars in a few hours.

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies | Lehigh Anthracite, LP

A Historic Anthracite Field

Lehigh Anthracite, LP is a joint venture with BET Investments and Robindale Energy, located near Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The joint venture controls over 300 million tons of premium anthracite coal reserves, including some of the richest seams in the world.

Lehigh Anthracite controls an estimated 300 million tons of premium anthracite reserves. Lehigh Anthracite has recapitalized the company by investing in a new fleet of mobile mining equipment, new rail load out, and modernization of the preparation plant. Lehigh Anthracite, LP also controls 45 million tons of anthracite coal silt, which is marketed to local co-generation plants in eastern Pennsylvania.

Located in the anthracite fields of northeastern Pennsylvania, Lehigh Anthracite, LP supplies large volumes of high-quality anthracite – tested, washed and processed on-site in a modern processing plant – directly to domestic and international customers. Lehigh Anthracite produces 300,000 clean tons per year of anthracite coal.

With about 7,500 acres of rich coal reserves, the Lehigh Anthracite mine is the largest surface mining permit in Pennsylvania, strategically located near various ports on the east coast for rapid transportation via rail, truck and ship, enabling Lehigh Anthracite, LP to transport anthracite anywhere in the US, or to any port for international customers in a timely manner.

Robindale Coal Sales is an exclusive sales agent for Lehigh Anthracite, LP met coals.

Lehigh Anthracite Coal Qualities

Ash: 8-12%

Sulfur: 0.65%

Volatile Matter: 3.0-4.0%

Fixed Carbon: 82-90%


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