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RES Coal has a new 300TPH preparation plant in Clearfield, PA, located on the RJ Corman Railroad that connects with the Norfolk Southern. RES Coal produces over 500,000 tons per year of premium, medium volatile, hard coking coal. 

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies | RES Coal, LLC

About RES Coal, LLC

RES Coal, LLC - formed in 2008 - is a surface coal mining company, headquartered in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, that specializes in mining high-grade metallurgical coal for domestic and international customers. The company also mines steam coal that is sold to local power stations. RES Coal has invested substantial capital into a new preparation plant and new mobile mining fleet.

Since its founding, RES Coal has enjoyed continuous growth, currently with 67 employees and a new 300TPH preparation plant in Clearfield County. The preparation plant is served by the RJ Corman Railroad, which connects with Norfolk Southern, for fast and easy transportation. In addition, RES Coal has opened mines and are currently operating in Clearfield, PA.

Robindale Coal Sales is an exclusive sales agent for RES Coal, LLC met coals.

RES Mid-Vol

Ash: 7.5-8.0%

Sulfur: 1.0-1.20%

Volatile Matter: 24-26%

Reflectance: 1.30

Fluidity (ddpm): 3,000

FSI: 8.5-9.0

CSR: 66%




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RES Coal
224 Grange Hall Road
PO Box 228
Armagh, PA 15920