Robindale Affiliates

Robindale Energy Services has strategic partnerships with the following affiliate companies

LCT Energy, LP
Is a metallurgical coal development company located in Johnstown. LCT Energy currently controls over 50,000 acres of low and mid-range volatility metallurgical coal throughout Central Pennsylvania. The company plans on becoming a major employer in the region over the next few years with major capital expenditures planned. The company’s goal is to become a world=class mining company with zero accidents. 

Is a surface coal mining operation headquartered in Clearfield County that specializes in mining high-grade metallurgical coal for export around the world. It also mines steam coal that is sold to local power stations. RES Coal is currently planning a large capital improvement project that will substantially increase the amount of coal mined for the metallurgical export market. 

Sunbury Generation, LP
Is a Synder County-based 380 MW coal-fired power plant that burns anthracite waste coal and bituminous coal. The company directly employs 120 workers and generates over 2 million megawatts annually at affordable prices for Pennsylvania businesses and families. Virtually all of the fuel used at Sunbury Generation comes from Pennsylvania, providing hundreds of additional good-paying jobs for Pennsylvania workers. 

Lehigh Anthracite, LP
Lehigh Anthracite, LP is a joint venture with BET Investments and Robindale Energy located near Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The company is the successor of the original Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company. The joint venture controls over 300 million tons of premium anthracite coal reserves including some of the richest seams found in the world. Over 75 million tons of surface-minable coal are expected to be mined by the company. The former company’s assets are currently being recapitalized by the new joint venture to expand production with a focus on the export market. The company also controls 45 million tons of anthracite coal silt which will be marketed by Robindale Energy Services to local co-generation plants in eastern Pennsylvania.