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Caring for the Environment

By cleaning up and restoring the land back to approximate original contour (AOC) or landscape, Robindale Energy has helped to reduce the amount of acid mine drainage, thereby cleaning up hundreds of miles of streams and channels. In areas where the land has been restored for a while, streams have become alive again and able to support plant and
fish life.

Robindale Energy Services, Inc. is the largest waste coal reclamation company in the United States, mining 25% of all the waste coal in the country and an estimated 10% of the production in the world. Based in Armagh, Pennsylvania, Robindale Energy processes 4 million tons of waste coal per year and provides up to one million tons per year of limestone.

Robindale's operations over the past 22 years have helped clean hundreds of miles of streams and millions of gallons of acid mine drainage in Pennsylvania at no cost to the taxpayers, while providing employment opportunities and generating low-cost power for hard-working families. Robindale attributes its growth and success over the years to the dedication of all of its employees.

Robindale Energy Services, Inc.
224 Grange Hall Road
PO Box 228
Armagh, PA 15920