Thermal Coal

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Caring for the Environment

By cleaning up and restoring the land back to approximate original contour (AOC) or landscape, Robindale Energy has helped to reduce the amount of acid mine drainage, thereby cleaning up hundreds of miles of streams and channels. In areas where the land has been restored for a while, streams have become alive again and able to support plant and
fish life.

Thermal coal is used in power plants for electricity generation. Providing a consistent, reliable supply of thermal coal is a primary function of Robindale Energy. With millions of individuals and homes depending on energy for their daily lives, Robindale Energy is committed to supplying a consistent source of thermal coal to power our world.

Robindale Energy & Associated Companies is a global supplier of coal and coke products and is able to supply to both domestic and international customers. For more information regarding our products, please contact Robindale Coal Sales at 814-446-6700.